5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 08 2010

Courtney Love says she's trying to take care of herself. We're not sure lf walking around the lobby of the Mercer Hotel with her boobs out is progress or not. (New York Times)
Well this is lovely. The NYC 'hood with the most dog poop is Washington Heights. Uh, watch your step? (New York Post)
The New York City Marathon was yesterday, and while we didn't run (but man brunch was good!), you can check out the winners to get in gear for next year...or not. (Gawker)
Animal rescue workers removed 38 feral cats from a Staten Island residence. Apparently they took over when the dude who lived there moved out a month ago. Sounds like a real animal lover to us. (Gothamist)
If you've ever dialed 311, you're not alone. The NYC info service has gotten 100 million calls since it started 7 years ago. Yup, New Yorkers loooove to complain. (Huffington Post)

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