Just Opened: Court on Mulberry Street, NYC

From the owners of East-Village vintage shop Circa Me, comes Court, which opened its doors today. The boutique features men and women's contemporary lines with a splash of vintage pieces intended to serve as current trend inspirations. Look for the Kova&T lace leggings, easy-going Sophomore basics, Tashkent shoes, and BiJules jewlery--fake nail "rings" and braided headbands made from real hair with a touch of gold chains. Some of the standout vintage pieces we spotted (and wanted) included a multicolored velour jacket, a sweet short set picked up from an old theater house sale, and a small gold and black '60s Deco purse. If you're looking to spruce up your fall fashion larder, Court won't break the bank--prices start at $50.
Court is located at 178 Mulberry Street, 212-925-1022; www.courtshop.com.

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