The 5 Best Couples Massages In NYC — According To Beauty Editors

Photo: Courtesy of Haven Spa.
Valentine's Day can go one of two ways when you're in a relationship: Either you feel pressured into booking a reservation at a packed midtown restaurant that will surely have an overpriced menu and cheesy decor, or you'll both say "fuck it" and spend the night relaxing on the couch with a Netflix binge and greasy takeout.
But what if you could find a middle ground: one where you get out of the house to do something special, but can still kick back in robes and slippers? We're talking couples massages, which are a lot less cliché when you know where to look (hint: probably not on Groupon). As we approach Valentine's Day, we asked a few New York City beauty editors to share their top spots for an experience that's indulgent, relaxing, and just the right amount of sexy. They share their honest reviews, ahead.