These Quirky Pool Floats Are Truly Next-Level

Although the season is coming to a close, we're still suffering from 24/7 summer brain — which includes, among other things, an ongoing obsession with Instagram-worthy warm weather accessories. It feels like just yesterday that the now-infamous swan raft first caught fire on our feeds, though in reality, it was all the way back in 2015, when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift first debuted as a couple (RIP Taylvin.) While their relationship was short-lived, the torrid love affair between themed pool floats and social media still burns on.
In fact, these trendy inflatables are growing more and more ridiculous every season, now ranging far beyond both the swan that started it all and 2016's iconic ice cream cone. Newcomers range from yacht-sized flamingos to pink convertibles, Chuck Taylors, and even a private jet. Essentially, there's now a raft out there to fulfill any and all of your wildest dreams...assuming that you dream of over-the-top pool floats.

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