L.A.'s Raddest Houses Are All Under $1 Million

Photo: Courtesy of Deasy Penner.
Do you get a severe case of sticker shock every time you see a "for sale" sign in your neighborhood? You're not imagining things. As it turns out, the real estate market in L.A. is hitting record highs. Average sale prices are through the roof and the sheer number of homes and condos bought has also set new records. Of course, this is great news if you're a realtor on Million Dollar Listing, but not quite as good for the rest of us without sky-high commissions to look forward to.

Chin up! You already know you can count on us to source L.A.'s most stunning homes for less than $1 million, so we're at it again. This time, the roundup is no less than spectacular. From an artsy enclave in Laurel Canyon to an industrial looker in Pasadena, click through for the prettiest eye candy you'll see all week.

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