Stunning L.A. Homes You Won’t Believe Are Under $1 Million

A million dollars is a ton of cashola. You could get 5,000 pairs of Yeezys (if they weren't already sold out, that is). Or you could nab yourself 1,000 MacBook Airs. You could even spring for about 25 Audis. A million might be a hefty chunk of change, but when it comes to the L.A. real estate market, it doesn't get you very far — or so you thought.
We might have already convinced you that you don't need to drop a huge fortune on a house in L.A. But we're not done yet. Los Angeles has lots more under-$1-million homes in even the best areas — hello, Brentwood and Malibu — that are certainly not lacking in the luxury department. From a Spanish-style Hollywood Hills abode to a beach bungalow, the stunning local homes ahead look way more expensive than they really are.