15 Gifts For Every Couple On Your List

Illustrated by Isabel Castillo.
We get it. When it comes to toasting your pals' engagements and nuptials, sometimes you want to go off-piste. (Sometimes you want to go really off-piste, which is probably a bad idea.) Sometimes all the "good" gifts on the registry have already been scooped up. Sometimes you're so close to the couple that a brownie pan just seems underwhelming. Sometimes there is no registry.

And if there's no engagement party or other special celebration, Jessica Janik, founder of The Invisible Bridesmaid, says a gift isn't compulsory. If you're a close friend or family member, however, you should expect to mark the occasion with at least something. Fret not, though. There are fewer expectations for engagement presents, allowing gift-givers to get a bit more personal. That's, "Wow, he/she really gets us" personal and not, "I thought you could wear this on the honeymoon night" personal, FYI.

"Engagement gifts can be such a pleasure to give because they allow the giver a chance to be creative, whereas with the wedding gift you usually should just gift money or buy something off the registry," Janik adds.

Still stumped? We've rounded up some excellent gift ideas to get the ball rolling. Whether your betrothed besties are jet-setters or homebodies, one of these beautiful buys is sure to tempt.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Adler.
For The Hosts With The Most
Presented with or without a bottle of celebratory Champers, this ornate ice bucket looks like something Gatsby might have owned. It's also the perfect way to guarantee an invite to every future shindig.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
For The Globetrotters
If handing over a check for the honeymoon fund feels too impersonal, pick up one of these travel gift cards, created by London-based fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic.
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Photo: Courtesy of Horne.
For The Doers
This couple doesn't just talk a good game; they actually walk the walk. They make Pinterest projects a reality. They book reservations. They plan picnics. They don't let anything pass them by. You can totally see them using this basket to tote around homemade cilantro-kale coleslaw, dip-dyed napkins, and stout brewed right in the garage.
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Photo: Courtesy of West Elm.
For The Homebodies
Netflix and chill? Yes, please. All they need is a good throw, like this colorful, handcrafted number, to snuggle under together as they screen their calls and order Seamless.
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Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.
For The Front-Rowers
These guys are all about the frow action, whether it's sidling up to Anna Wintour at the Rodarte show or rocking out to The Weeknd in the best seats the arena has to offer. Style, sound, substance...these slick headphones have it all.
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Photo: Courtesy of REI.
For The Adventurers
The wedding colors will be flannel and, um, flannel. Trail mix will be served. The honeymoon will involve a campground and canoes. You know what to do.
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Photo: Courtesy of MoMA Store.
For The Badasses
Domestic bliss doesn't have to be so domestic. These social butterflies would much rather hack into magnums of Dom — preferably while dancing on a bar top in a Las Vegas nightclub — than stay at home with casseroles and Netflix.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bookmarc.
For The Bookworms
You probably know what tomes your literary lovebirds will like best. We, however, know that accenting the purchase with a pair of sunglasses-shaped bookmarks (also available in black) will please them to no end. It's the little things.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop.
For The Lovers
This couple can't keep their hands off each other, and you're almost certain the wedding will involve a few sonnets, weepy vows, and an intense makeout session as the first kiss. As such, a pair of romantic, yet slightly sensual lip-printed mugs will no doubt have pride of place on their kitchen table. When they're not having sex on it, of course.
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Photo: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble.
For The Night Owls
Are these party people sacrificing their nights out so they can save up for the wedding? Bring the speakeasy to them via this guide to making elegant cocktails from the internationally renowned Experimental Cocktail Club. Toss in a cocktail shaker and a bottle of their favorite spirit for good measure.

Barnes & Noble Experimental Cocktail Club, $22.85, available at Barnes & Noble.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
For The Romantics
A sweet, sentimental screen print is just the thing your lovebird pals would love to hang over their bed.

Rob Ryan Can We Shall We Screen Print, $443.37, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bookmarc.
For The Creatives
Slabs of chalk carved into dice, lipstick, and salt shakers? Your artsy crew will love it. They'll probably also try to figure out how to make these into wedding-party favors.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kitchensurfing.
For The Titans Of Takeout
Step away from the Seamless, folks. Couples who can't so much as boil water, and use their ovens for shoe storage, will greatly appreciate having home-cooked meals whipped up for them by a private professional chef.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pogamat.
For The Gym Bunnies
No doubt these fitness freaks will tie the knot at the finish line of some marathon. If you can't find a workout class they'd both enjoy, consider this super-sized exercise mat that allows side-by-side stretching.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
For The Type-A Couple
This duo likes things organized, nice and neat, and consistent. You know they'll probably get a head start on the thank-you notes in the honeymoon suite, so why not save them some trouble and order a personalized return-address stamp to make the task easier?
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