5 Food-Baby Outfits To Get Full In

Depending on how your family is, Thanksgiving can be one of the most chill holidays around — or one of the least. But, no matter if your gravy comes out of a can, a silver boat, or just straight from the saucepan on the stove, the one thing that's a given during this particular meal is the importance of seconds. Even your weird aunt's most judgmental comments feel deflated when you've got two slices of pie in front of you.
But fidgeting, unbuttoning, and tugging at whatever you're wearing at the dinner table to make room for all your gastro ambitions is never a good look, and with all the cozy-girl trends popular among the fashion set right now, there's really no reason to sacrifice comfort. We've come up with the fashion pieces that'll let you rock a food baby, and how to wear them so you won't confuse Grandpa, either.

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