11 No-Fail Ways To Look Good This Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, we eat, we drink, and we're ever so merry. And then, after all the turkey (or Tofurky) and fixings are ingested, we go to wipe a crumb of pumpkin pie off our lap to find we're suddenly pregnant. Yes, throughout the meal, our food baby has germinated and our once solid-10 outfit now bunches and creases in all the wrong ways.

Let's face it, getting stuffed is a part of Thanksgiving, so we might as well be prepared. Forget the too-tight pants that you want to, nay, need to unbutton; begone with the grubby sweats you wear to the gym on the reg. Instead, we're all about picks that are both cozy and elevated. With these 11 items, you'll be able to seamlessly beeline to the couch without having to change into "comfy clothes," and look polished enough to go to straight to a holiday party after your tryptophan-induced snooze. Click ahead for what to expect when you're expecting: food baby edition.

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