The College Major Your Sign Wants You To Declare

Photographed by Christy Kurtz.
When it comes to your academic interests, they're likely wide and ranging — and your Zodiac sign probably has nothing to do them. Be that as it may, if you're currently in that grey area between starting college and checking off the course requirements for your diploma, you might be searching for a little guidance on which of your interests should become your official college major. If you're open to it, the stars in the sky can be as good a guide as any.
Of course, everyone chooses their area of study for different reasons. We wouldn't suggest that every single Gemini ought to major in communications because they're all nosy chatterboxes. Rather, we'd make that recommendation since quite a few Gems possess the traits we already associate with, say, a successful journalist. If you're a Gemini who'd rather spend their class time in a lab, that's totally fine, too.
Ahead, we've selected the perfect major for every sign. Read on to discover yours, and don't stress if it isn't what you had in mind — whether you totally identify with your sign's major or not, the universe won't let you stay undeclared forever. Try reading for your rising and moon signs to broaden your options.

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