Genius! A Cocktail Bodega Is Opening On LES, Will Serve Spiked Smoothies

What exactly is a "cocktail bodega" you say? Aside from the purported name of Matt Levine's new LES establishment, we can't help but think of an actual bodega — except with cheap, on-the-go cocktails instead of beers, limes instead of chewing gum, and straws instead of… cigarettes?
Analogies notwithstanding, Levine is no stranger to the LES drinking-and-dining circle. He also owns Sons of Essex and can accredit the popularity of his restaurant-turned-lounge to the always hip Olsen twins and foodie hottie Padma Lakshmi (perhaps he should rename the resto to Daughters of Essex? just sayin'). About six months after opening Sons of Essex, Levine is opting for something more cocktail-focused with Cocktail Bodega, serving up liquor-blended smoothies and spiked fresh-squeezed juices for the late nighters with a health conscience (yes, they do exist).
Soon to open on 205 Chrystie (RIP 205 Club), we're thinking this will be a great place to start — day drinking, hangover drinking, or even pre-gaming — only to hobble up to 141 Chrystie by 2 a.m. when it's finally poppin'. (Bowery Boogie)

Photo: Courtesy of Bowery Boogie