Window Shopper: A Bird Pooped On This Wallet And We Love It

While we've made our feelings for pigeons perfectly clear, we might be willing to excuse their general creepiness when it comes to this new Coach wallet—it looks like a very chic pigeon may have had an accident. Of course, no real bird went all Jackson Pollock on the durable pebbled leather, and all kidding aside, the paint-splattered accessory definitely represents an edgy step forward for the brand. Made for men, the Thornton Mini Multifunction Small Zip works equally well for the art-inclined woman, and its lean size, perfect for an iPhone and some cash, won't bulk up your skinny jeans. We're grabbing it for our next day of gallery shopping, and those grey, winged creatures better back off. It's all ours.

Coach Thornton Mini Multifunction Zip, $98, available at Coach Bleecker Men's, 370 Bleecker Street (between Charles and Perry streets); 212-243-3612.