The Real Story Behind Your Favorite Clueless Beauty Looks

clueless-makeup-embedPhoto: Via Lisa Eldridge
Over the past couple of years, the Internet has been somewhat obsessed with Clueless, the seminal ‘90s chick flick that defied all the odds and became a cult-fashion obsession. (We've even imagined what a modern-day Cher would wear.)
But, much of today's attention towards Cher and the gang has to do with their over-the-top ensembles: the “it’s an Alaïa” dress, the plaid skirt suits, the absurd hats. Meanwhile, very little love has been given to the makeup team, who played a huge part in creating the irresistible personas of Cher, Dionne, (way harsh) Tai, and Amber.
That’s why legendary makeup artist — and YouTube’s First Lady of Chic — Lisa Eldridge pursued an interview with Alan Friedman, the Emmy-award winning Hollywood makeup artist who painted the Clueless leading ladies’ faces. Friedman tells Lisa that he had just a week to prepare the looks (whereas the costume department had months). So, the real experimenting happened on set: “It was shot like a television movie. We had six months for the entire thing — it was fast!”
Luckily, Cher rarely strayed from her typical MAC Lipstick in Malt, encircled by brown (Raizin) lip liner. Amber, on the other hand, experienced many more complicated beauty moments, as you can see above — complete with theatrical eyeshadows and her beloved nude lip. To get more of the ‘90s-stalgic beauty lowdown (and to see exclusive Polaroids from the cast’s film tests), head on over to Eldridge's blog.