Rihanna's Creative Director Got Career Advice From A Horse

Think of the best career advice you ever received. Who gave it to you? Your mom? Your mentor? Ahem, your favorite website? Well, Ciarra Pardo — best known as Rihanna's creative director (no big) — got her best advice ever from her horse. No, really.
In this, the final installment of the Portrait of a #GIRLBOSS video series, Pardo shares what it was like growing up in the Bronx as part of an "interesting" family (including a badass grandma who kept her in check), her childhood dreams of being a fighter pilot, and why taking a "ginormous" pay cut was the best decision she ever made. And, the horse thing, too. May sound kooky, but when the brains behind RihRih talks that talk, we sit up and listen.

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