Boring Holiday Afternoon? This Christmas-Tree Mani Is The Solution

CutPhoto: Via Popsugar Beauty.
The holidays rock. Winter vacation and family-bonding time are definitely winners in our book. But, what happens when the inevitable moment arrives and there's absolutely nothing else to do?
Come on, you know this happens: It's Christmas Day, typically after the presents have been shredded open and the feast has been devoured. We sit in our living rooms, awkwardly avoiding the eyes of one family member to another, waiting for entertainment inspiration to strike. If you would rather not find yourself on the receiving end of yet another round of affectionate hugs and kisses (totally no offense, grandma!) here's a super simple — and equally cute — Christmas-tree mani for you to sink into.
With the right shades of green, a splash of glitter, and, of course, that oh-so-important star, you can be sporting this fantastically festive look in a flash. Best of all: It takes only four steps to master this look! With such easy instructions, anyone from your posh aunt to your awesome nana can get in on the fun. Who knew nail art could bring on so much family fun?
Click over to our friends at Popsugar Beauty for a complete step-by-step guide on recreating this look.

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