Wanna Be An Editor-In-Chief One Day? Listen Up!

She's our boss, our (mostly) fearless content leader, and totally not one of those Miranda Priestly types you read about. Yes, our own Christene Barberich lays down the law, but she's a different kind of EIC altogether, as warm, curious, and — no offense, CB — silly as she is tough, stylish, and opinionated. Sound like a certain website you know?
She lives and breathes R29 as much as she breathes life into the work and the team (heck, she basically got married on the site!). But where do all her little (and BIG) concepts come from? How does she keep the constant flow of work engaging and fresh? And what exactly is her favorite part of the online experience she helped create and guide from the very beginning? Just click play for a short and sweet face-to-face (in partnership with our friends at Samsung), starring our very own redheaded big gun. And don't worry, she's not judging you for your sweater.


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