Chrissy Teigen Wants Luna To Embrace Her "Curly Hair, Brown Skin, & Goofy Smiles"

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Chrissy Teigen knows better than anyone that taking care of yourself is no easy task, especially when you're juggling business and motherhood. The model, chef, and TV personality is a mom of two, and her growing list of hats now includes a role as the face of Foreo's Luna 3 cleansing device.
Teigen tells Refinery29 that since having her son Miles, her multitasking skills have significantly improved. "Everything has to be done quickly," she says. It's why she relies on the Luna 3, which cleanses and massages the face, for pampering at home and on the go. "It's so easy to carry with you. I always toss it in my travel bag, and its' extremely easy to use in the shower, on the airplane, and in hotels."
Ahead, we spoke to Teigen about her evolving skin, her beauty indulgences, and the life lessons she plans to pass on to her three-year-old daughter, Luna.
You're never afraid to show your bare skin and candid moments on social media. How has your skin-care routine changed since becoming a mom of two?
"I'm sure a lot of moms can relate, but I think my skin-care routine has changed because my skin has changed. After you give birth, something unexplainable happens to your skin. My skin never used to be as sensitive as it is now; I used to go to town on chemical peels and extractions. But it's why I love the Luna 3. It keeps my skin glowing and healthy, and it is accommodating to my skin type. Now, I pretty much live makeup free if I'm going to lunch or picking up the kids. My entire routine needs to be quick. I wash my face in the shower, brush my teeth in the shower, and I am on the go."
When you do have some extra time for yourself, what's the one beauty treatment you indulge in?
"One super indulgent thing I do is PRP blood facials with Dr. Jason Diamond. They are nice, but it doesn't need to be a day-to-day part of my routine. It's important to have a regular routine that's not that aggressive or harsh on the skin."
Are there any food dishes you absolutely love, but your skin hates?
"I love all the things that are terrible for your skin: spicy food, large amounts of garlic, and wine. White wine, especially, makes my cheeks flare up. While I was pregnant, there would also be things I was allergic to that I would still eat. I'd look over to John and tell him, 'I'm itchy,' but I wouldn't stop. I needed to be happy."
You're known for being very honest and candid. Do you plan on passing on those character traits and lessons to your children?
"It's important for John and me to talk to [our kids] the same way we want to be spoken to. We always ask them how they are feeling and keep conversation happening. We try to maintain a very vocal household. Children are like sponges; they absorb all of that energy. Luna displays this so much. She's great about being around different types of people, and she's taken on different personalities. "
What values of self-acceptance and confidence do you plan on instilling in your daughter?
"I want Luna to appreciate her inner beauty and not go out of her way to change herself. I want her to love her curly hair, brown skin, and goofy smiles. She's such a huge part of our daily routine, and she is often in the bathroom with us getting ready. I think it's important that she knows you should feel confident and beautiful, but it's you don't always have to feel like you're on the red carpet. Inner beauty is important. Even though she loves seeing me in glam, she knows that Mommy is working. But she also sees the other side, when I am washing my face in the morning and we're taking care of each other at home."
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