Chrissy Teigen Just Got Real About Postpartum Body Changes

If there's anyone you can count on to get real about the things we don't talk about enough, it's Chrissy Teigen. Since giving birth to her first daughter with husband John Legend in April, Teigen has been refreshingly open about some of the challenges facing new moms — from going out to dinner without baby to post-pregnancy skin. Now, she's getting real about what having postpartum breasts is really like. On Saturday night, she and Legend stepped out to attend Jessica Alba's birthday party, which is something you do when you're cool enough to be pals with Jessica Alba.

Happy birthday super human @jessicaalba!!

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However, life isn't always as perfect as it seems on Instagram, and Teigen later took to Snapchat to reveal that she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during the night — thanks to her postpartum breasts. "My expanding bust incredible hulked this dress in one night," she captioned a photo of herself holding up said hulked-out dress.
Photo: Via Snapchat
As you probably know, it's common for your breasts to get bigger during and after pregnancy as your body prepares for (and then gets used to) the whole breastfeeding thing. They'll swell as they begin to produce milk, causing them to get engorged — and, yes, hulk out. Teigen is always wonderfully outspoken, but it's especially great to see her being so candid about her body post-baby. After all, as beautiful as pregnancy and motherhood can be, it's not always a glamorous process. Good to know that Teigen keeps it real, Incredible Hulk Breasts and all.

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