5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 18 2011

Chris Brown, please close down your Twitter account. After his performance on The Today Show, Brown Tweeted he doesn't get why "white celebs" get so many chances, referencing Casey Anthony. Right. (Gothamist)
Stars, they're just like us...well, maybe Kirsten Dunst looks a little better than the average Joe while riding a bike in NYC. How cute is that white dress? (Daily Mail UK)
Manhattan power couple Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner gave birth to a girl Sunday, they announced via Twitter. Here's to hoping she doesn't look like Donald. (Huffington Post)
The Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie is opening a New Orleans-style pub, NoBar, in Brooklyn tonight, and claims he built everything himself, "except for the chairs." Carpenter/actor—there's a new slashie. (New York Post)
Watch this woman dance to Britney Spear's Womanizer while stuck in traffic in the Midtown tunnel. This is not an SNL skit—yet.