This Candy Was Molded Off Of A Dead Person, Bon Appetite!

Why, this isn't creepy at all. No, there's nothing at all odd about Marina Malvada's giant chocolate confection that she produces using a mold first created when she "borrowed" an actual human skull. We wouldn't be at all alarmed by the realization that the curves and contours of the chocolate we're chewing on – available in dark chocolate, or semi-sweet, or "Bone" – once constituted the features of a living face. Nope. We're totally fine with this, and you can tell by the way OUR HANDS ARE TREMBLING. For you goths with a sick sweet tooth, these totally artful and completely brutal curios are available at the creepy chocolatier's site for $200 – God save your black hearts. This certainly gives Magnolia—or even Sprinkles—a run for its money. (Incredible Things)
Chocolate-Skulls-Cast-From-Real-Human-Skull Photo: via Incredible Things.