The Great Yogurt Spill: 36,000 Pounds Of Chobani Down

Froyo, greek yogurt, Pinkberry, 16 Handles, Red Mango.... We cannot turn a corner without being constantly reminded of New York's love for yogurt. But a Chobani spill off a tractor trailer last night, which spread 36,000 pounds of the stuff over Chenango's highways and hillsides might be too much of a good thing. And imagine the smell as it spoils!
For a light treat Governor Cuomo has called New York's "newest and hottest export,"this may be just the negative PR moment that could...sour public opinion. Tell us, how should they clean up the spill? But in the meantime, meet us in Chenango with 36,000 spoons. (NY Mag)

Photo: Via Chobani