Chloé’s Blanket Coats and Oversized Bags Will Swallow You Whole

Part of the reason Phoebe Philo made Chloé a red-hot name in the '90s was because of all those indisputably "It" accessories: The Silverado, The Edith, the massive wedge heels, and, of course, the Paddington. So when successor and former assistant Hannah MacGibbon sent out Chloé's fall 09 collection yesterday, we weren't at all surprised to see her attempting to revive some of the "It"ness that Chloé's lost since Phoebe's days, especially with the massive, cracked leather totes that looked enormous even next to the towering Sasha Pivovarova. But just imagine how it will swallow one of us normal folk. We can see the bags being a roomy weekender, but wonder if the trend will take to the streets as the shape du jour come September. Then again, if the ongoing thigh-high boot trend (and yes, there were, inevitably, a few of those in Chloé's collection) is any indication, fall's accessories are about to get bigger and badder. If you don't believe us, just see those blanket coats! But more on that later. Do you think this Chloé collection had what "It" takes?
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