Rad Or Bad: Clutches That Look Like Books

In design and personal style, Chloë Sevigny makes bold, noticeable choices. This week, for example, she was spotted in an all-white BLK DNM suit at the New Museum's 35th Anniversary Spring Gala and looked divine. (P.S. we're really glad she's gotten her hair situation sorted out.) The only part of the outfit which made us take pause was her clutch (or is it a book... or is it a clutch?). The Olympia Le Tan mini bag is made to look like Moby Dick (and they have a lot of other titles on tap), and while it's a bonafide good read, we're not sure about hollowing it out and putting a clasp on it (stashing something naughty in your bookshelves, perhaps?). Or is it next-level professorial-chic? Decisions, decisions! We can assume that if Chlo is carrying the clutch, she's read the novel, but is it a tad pretentious? Especially with that $1,491 price tag to match. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Photos: Courtesy Of BFA/BLK DNM