WATCH: A Young Chloë Sevigny Goes On A Manhunt At The Marc Jacobs Show

Yep, you know it, the '90s are back. And while this isn't exactly breaking news, Nowness has been serving up a handful of reasons to wax poetic of decades past — or, at the very least, revisit the clothing now stored in the back of your closet — thanks to a two-part '90s takeover starring the It Girl of the era, Chloë Sevigny. While yesterday's installment showed her rolling around in her party clothes, today's newest addition captures the actress/model right where you may first remember her — as a face of Kim Gordon's X Girl.
After carefully trying to dissect what exactly is going on in this video lookbook/short film, we admit, we're a bit stumped. Sporting a killer bowl haircut, Sevigny goes on a hunt for a man who may work for the U.N. (and may be dating her roommate?). Naturally, she heads to the Marc Jacob's Fashion Week show, where (spoiler alert!) Suzy Menkes and Naomi Campbell don't know where this mystery man is either. Bummer.
While this search all culminates into a choreographed rooftop fight, the abstract theme of the short is kinda what makes this throwback so special. Go ahead take a few minutes to watch it all go down, while Sevigny and company rep X Girl — as well as Gen X — all throughout.

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