Weird Visual: Chloë Sevigny Sits Courtside At Knicks Games—A Lot

All of NYC is a bit mesmerized by the latest sports Linsanity popping off at MSG. The Knicks have won nine of their last 11 games, and like the rest of the city, celebs turn out in great numbers to watch them go HAM. Of all the celeb fans, though, Chloë Sevigny is perhaps the most surprising, consistently watching court-side next to a random handful of New Yorkers (and ahem, Jersey Shore vets alike). While sitting close enough to Lin undoubtedly costs a pretty penny, we'd rather dish over the dough to hear Chloë's conversations with neighboring fans. What do you think she has to say to Beyonce and Jay-Z, B-list actor Michael Rappaport, Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Plaxico Burress and, yep, even DJ Pauly-D? Either way, we're impressed that she's dedicated enough to roll through to so many games (though a little less inspired by her latest Lord Farquaad 'do). (Fashionista)

Photo: VIa Fashionista