Check it Out: eBay's Coolest Plaid Pieces for Cheap!

As we roll from summer to fall, it's never been a better time to go in search of a few great plaid pieces—and we ain't talking about lumberjacks here. The plaids we're hunting are tailored for attitude, not chopping wood. These days, we're far more mad-plaid princess, à la d&g, than grunge girl, à la L7. That in mind, here are our checked faves from the world of eBay.

Vintage Plaid Mini-dress—Short and sweet…and does that model look like Shannen Doherty or what?
Vintage Pendelton Cape—A total must-have and just the right proportions.
Blue Plaid Puff Sleeve Dress—A little Hee-Haw meets the big city.
Plaid Golf Suit—Totally tartan…loving the cropped style of these trousers.
Vintage Plaid Tote—Pretty perfect for a dame or a dude.

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