Cheap Thrill! Old Navy Takes On A Burberry Classic for Under $50!

One of fashion's sturdiest staples will always be the trench. Classic, durable, and not to mention damn good-looking over everything (including nothing!), the trenchcoat could endure anything. But the steep price tag of Emma Watson's favorite Burberry original could keep any savvy lady on the lookout for a thriftier option. With so many cold, damp days on the way, Old Navy has become our new cheap-chic savior. Voila! Just $49.50, ON's spin on this double-breasted dreamboat looks just as sleek and sharp as the original. It might not boast the signature check lining, but this stylish find could hold any girl over till that Burberry ship comes in.
Above, from left: Old Navy Belted Trench, $49, available at Old Navy; Burberry Cotton Trench, $1395, available at
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