Heels Made Of Hands (Or, How To Create A Shoe That Gives Us Nightmares)

Few other shoe designers have Charlotte Olympia's chutzpah. The brand is a force for statement soles, churning out season after season of cheeky designs that touch on everything from Hollywood icons to Superbowl fandom to Archie Comics (RIP). But, one of the newest designs gives us pause. Or, rather, hands.
With ruby-tipped nails atop embroidered fingers, the "hands on embellished suede sandals" are almost too appropriately named. An overlapping pattern of fingers and palms wrap the shoe, which is an allover pale, fleshy tone. The closures along the front come together as if the wearer's foot is being gripped in a fist. And, about that fabric: Against some complexions, it'll probably require a double-take to ensure if it's skin or suede.
Essentially, this disembodied-hands stiletto is either the wonderfully weird design of your dreams or a manicured monster who's about to take control of your toes. We're both in awe of Charlotte Olympia's ingenuity and petrified that this may be the high-fashion version of Leatherface for your feet. Feel free to weigh in on where you stand in the comments.

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