The Royal It Girl Who Made Us Rethink Our Beauty Game

513186027GO00001_Gucci_BeauPhoto: Courtesy of Gucci Cosmetics.
As Charlotte Casiraghi (Grace Kelly's granddaughter/Monaco royal/face of Gucci Cosmetics) sits across from me at the Four Seasons in Milan in subtle, no-makeup makeup, a sporty ponytail, a slouchy button-down, and jeans, one thing is clear: She's one of the most stunning women I've ever seen. With flawless and radiant skin, coincidentally on-trend bold brows, and the kind of mouth that inspires girls 'round the world to overdo their lipliner, Casiraghi's beauty appears totally effortless.
She doesn't just look like she doesn't try, though: She actually puts minimal effort into her appearance. Her skin-care regimen doesn't go beyond cleansing and moisturizing: "Cleaning your skin properly is the most important part of a routine," she tells me, earnestly. Her go-to look is "red lips and a bit of black around the eyes," which she describes as "the simplest makeup."
While the woman is clearly #blessed in the genetics department, which generally helps cut down one's morning routine, her no-fuss attitude also translates remarkably well into classic glamour. She is elegance, simplified — pared down to its fundamental elements, and not interrupted by over-zealous contouring or trendy statements. At 28, she's a beauty icon in her own right — the perfect face for Gucci's just-launched cosmetics line.
Surprised that someone with such a basic routine is fronting a makeup collection? Given fashion's recent obsession with no-makeup makeup, it seems fitting. But, when I ask her what she thinks about the bare faces at many NYFW shows, she scoffs. "Did the models look scary?" I tell her that they looked great. She responds, "Then, it might become a trend just to be a trend. I don't see the point in not doing makeup just to shock people." Her own minimal approach is, of course, the exception: It's not a trend. It's her style.
Despite her loyalty to the simple power of a red lip, working with world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath for Gucci's new campaign gave Casiraghi the opportunity to learn a few other techniques. "She taught me that I should use brown eye makeup, because when you have blue eyes, it makes the color brighter," she says. The royal also picked up some inspiration from watching McGrath work: "I learned that you can use very daring colors in an elegant way, and it made me want to try new things."
Overall, Casiraghi's attitude feels quintessentially European — she has that unique brand of happens-to-look-perfect beauty that American women are always longing to copy. When I ask her what the secret is, she says that she believes in "not thinking about it too much," because self-imposed rules and restrictions make taking care of yourself a hassle. "It's about doing it in a fun way — about enjoying the pleasures of life without questioning things like what you eat. When you do things that feel natural, it becomes more effortless."
Consider me schooled in the ways of It-Girl beauty: Some red lipstick here, some black eyeliner there, and a healthy dose of carefree self-confidence will be enough to get me out the door next time I want to feel like an iconic, royal babe.

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