5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 27 2010

Our fave first lady makes Westchester a little brighter, neon pink pantsuit style. And no, it's not Michelle Obama. What are the chances this chick will end up on Dancing With The Stars ? (Gawker)
Gisele sold the Calvin Klein dress off her back the night she wore it to benefit the BrazilFoundation. We heart models with a conscious, especially if it's fashionable one. (New York Post)
This female felon loves Riker's Island so much she didn't want to leave even when she was freed on bail. (Gothamist)

Who knew Justin Timberlake could act (Black Snake Moan clearly not included)? Plus, he look's pretty damn good at the premier for
The Social Network
, which kicked off the New York Film Festival Friday night. Now, what about another album? (Huffington Post)

Jersey Shore's JWoww debuted a slimmer figure in Vegas—maybe she's been using The Situation's GTL iPhone app? (Daily Mail)