Celebrating Earth Day With A Righteous Roundup Of Forward-Thinking Fashion

If you think a tee is just a tee, think again. Fashion is as much about politics as Al Gore is about polar bears. With today's honoring of Earth Day, we're reminded of why it feels so good to do good, and that means wearing eco-friendly whenever we can. Fair trade practices that prevent unfair working conditions also allow for the ultimate freedom when crafting a collection. From that which is post-consumer to that which is just plain pretty, these spring and summer earth-friendly essentials redefine what it means to be style conscious.
Above, from left: Bodkin Organic Cotton Twill Skirt, $275, available at Bird; Coclico Nuance Sandals, $320, available at Coclico.
Above, from left: Prairie Underground Jumbo Tote Bag, $224, available at Beklina; Camilla Norrback High-Waisted Peg Leg Trousers, about $225, available at Fashion Conscious.
Above, from left: Fin Eco Bamboo Dress, $325, available at Sunday Brunch; Ivana Helsinki Bird Printed Silk Scarf, $154, available at Beklina.
Above, from left: Araks Organic Ingid Tank, $60, available at La Garçonne; Mociun Desert Shorts, $276, available at Mociun.
Above, from left: Edun Hexagon Sweater, $325, available at Edun; Malin Palermo Bracelet, $70, available at A Plus R.
Above, from left: Bibico Bluce Fair Trade Top, $32, available at Fashion Conscience; Bibico Bib-Front Fair Trade Dress, about $60, available at Fashion Conscience.
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