5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 27 2012

Ever heard the myth that there aren't any skyscrapers between Midtown and the Financial District because there's not enough bedrock? Well, an economist went out and found that, in fact, there's plenty of rock around to support super sized buildings. Myth busted. (Kottke)
Check out the newly-released CDFA health guidelines for Fashion Week, which includes how to identify if a model has an eating disorder. Think it'll help, or is the industry already too set in its ways? (New York Mag)
In other food news, Brooklynites don't want a Whole Foods in Gowanus, because they don't think the supermarket offers the area much. Except for kale chips. (Racked)
Mayor Bloomberg has boring literary taste, so what would you recommend him to read? Perhaps The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, or maybe Murakami's new 1Q84? (City Room)
First an opposum, now a rat: How ever can we protect our immaculate subways from the wrath of wild animals? (Gothamist)
Photo: Via New York Mag

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