CBS Goes Gay, Motorcycle Dick, And An Unofficial Rat Zoo

CBS, which has zero LGBT characters on any of their shows, is finally getting with the program. They're introducing three new gay characters for fall. We guess it's better than nothing. (Gawker)
One hog rider posted a pretty aggressive, misogynistic sign on his motorcycle: "If you like your face don't touch my bike. Unless you're a chick—then you get my dick." What a charming pick up line! (EV Grieve)
Heathers' owners just opened Veronica Peoples Club in Greenpoint. Can you say "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw?" (BlackBook)
Please don't watch this while eating. There's an NYC park that has about 40 visible rats every night, some the size of the cats. We're so glad it's about 3 blocks from our office. (Gothamist)
This may be the coolest pool ever. Just check it out yourself—our description won't give it justice. (The Moment)