Would You Defend Your Super-High Spring Platforms To Cathy Horyn?

Last week, Cathy Horyn questioned the validity of new super-high platform heels. Sure, she agrees that they're more comfortable than the regular stiletto, but she has a problem with the wobbly gaggle of girls dangerously strutting around the city. And, while we've seen near fatal spills on the cobblestones in the MPD, we're not quite ready to fork over our beloved lifts just yet (especially with wedge-season just around the corner!). Although Horyn argues that the new silhouette "ceased to be feminine and interesting," we think there's hope for spring platforms yet — just continue to ditch those heinous Litas.
What do you think about platforms for spring? Dig 'em or just way too dangerous? (NY Times)

Photo: Via NY Times

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