All The Shows Netflix Has Axed In 2018

Are you ready to say goodbye to Orange Is the New Black? In October, Netflix announced it was ending the Jenji Kohan dramedy that once, in its sparkling heyday, established the streamer as a place for prestige TV. In terms of cancellations, 2018 is a landmark year for the streaming service. House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, two of its earliest shows, are on their final laps. What comes next?
As it turns out, a whole lot. For every once-stalwart show like Orange Is the New Black that ceases production, there are multiple new shows that pop up to take its place. This fall alone, we've seen a trippy sci-fi show (Maniac), an animated series in the style of The Simpsons (Disenchantment), and a truly terrifying horror series (The Haunting of Hill House), among many, many others.
The ending of Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards proves that no Netflix show is safe from the axe — not even the oldest or most beloved. In the early days, it seemed Netflix was willing to green light any show for a second season. Now, the streaming service's $8 billion content budget, 85% of which is devoted to original programming, will be channeled deliberately, and occasionally ruthlessly. Sorry, Sense8 fans.
These are the shows we're saying goodbye to so we have time to watch all the others.

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