Is Canada Trolling The U.S. Election Results?

As ballots are being counted across the nation, many U.S. voters may be taking that long-promised fantasy of moving to Canada should the election not turn out in their favor more seriously. One has to wonder what our neighbors up north are thinking as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duke it out for delegates. But could one tweet be telling us how our fellow North Americans really feel? As BuzzFeed notes, the country's official Twitter account wrote on Tuesday evening: "In Canada, immigrants are encouraged to bring their cultural traditions with them and share them with fellow citizens." (Here it is en français, if the message didn't get across.)
As the possibility of Trump clinching the presidency appeared to be more of a possibility, Americans following along on social media wondered: Was that directed at us? (Or, in the words of one of Canada's esteemed citizens...)
Now, the tweet wasn't exactly interpreted in bad faith. On the contrary, many U.S. citizens asked: "Wait, does this mean can we immigrate?"
Plus, we enjoy a little shade. It was just a little unexpected coming from Canada, is all.
Oh, and in case you're wondering: Canada's Citizenship and Immigration website is reportedly crashing. Happy election night to all.

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