Calypso Gets Cosmic With Susan & Chrissie Miller

If you've ever read a horoscope that was so true-to-life it gave you goosebumps (or anxiety if Mercury is in retrograde for what feels like the eighth time this month), chances are you were reading Susan Miller's Astrology Zone. In an expert collaboration (or alignment of the stars…) the cult-and-celeb-favorite astrologist and her multi-talented daughter Chrissie have come together with retailer and lover of the collab Calypso St. Barth — and the result is 13 amazing cashmere sweaters that align with our planetary traits.
The two-tone sweaters have the casual look of baseball tees, but (natch) are made in a rich cashmere in every color from Cayenne to Camel. Even cooler are the hangtags — part color wheel, part new-favorite-thing-on-our-fridge, the circular gem matches our color choice with personality traits hand-picked by Susan herself. "When you wear your chosen color sweater," Miller says, "You will be making a statement about your goal and your determination to follow through all the way to a successful conclusion."
Last night marked the launch at Calypso's Madison Avenue store, with Susan helping customers select the perfect sweater for their 2013 goals (jealous!) and Chrissie playing DJ for the cosmic shoppers. Weren't able to make the launch? No worries, you can still give and receive these pretty prezzies at Calypso St. Barth stores — we'll take one of each thankyouverymuch. We see a very chic, successful, and cashmere-filled New Year in your future...
Image: Courtesy of Mode Public Relations

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