Urban Legend Patrol: Is The Cali Coast Really Disappearing?

Growing up, we all heard the predictions that chunks of California would someday "fall off" the face of the earth. Obviously, we're grown-ups now, and we don't believe such nonsense.
Except that, as it turns out, if global warming continues at its current rate, and ocean tides have their way with our coast, water could indeed swallow up some prime beach-going real estate. This problem is becoming more real by the minute, and even a temporary surge could cause major flooding.
The nonprofit Climate Central has done their due diligence on the subject, and shared an extensive map on the Southland areas that are endangered, which includes our beloved Venice. Overall, 160,000 homes could be put in jeopardy from the OC on up to Santa Monica. All the more reason to learn yourself some environmentally conscious practices, and consider a Prius for your next ride! (LAist)
Photo: Via LAist

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