Cacharel and Liberty Prints in Full Bloom at Colette

Liberty prints, those delicate—if not-so-subtle—prints favored by London school children, mad hatters and grandmothers alike first became popular almost a hundred years before the rise of hippie "flower power". Still, it wasn't until 1970 that French fashion house Cacharel worked it into their very un-grandmotherly design palette, reviving high-fashion interest in the old textile. Now, as part of its 50th anniversary, Cacharel will present a re-edited collection of iconic Liberty-fabric pieces from the '70s at Parisian super-ultra-mega-style mart Colette that includes Nike Blazer sneakers Anne-Marie Herckes custom accessories, a Bonpoint bag, and, awwww flower-print bunnies. So, if you're in the City of Lights, make sure you put aside some time to stop and smell the roses.

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