Fashion Buys You Shouldn't Splurge On

We're the first to tell you that when something on the rack is actually worth it, it's worth it. You see, we're not built to subsist on a consistent diet of plain shirts and plain pants and plain shoes and be content. We need that fashion stuff. A good pair of trousers, a game-changing set of heels, and a beautiful new dress nourish us in ways that are nearly unhealthy. And, if we know that spending more means we'll be able to get a better item with a higher level of design, we'll move some funds around and make it work.
But, there comes a time when no degree of quality or brand appeal will justify that dreaded low-balance alert from your bank. Because, yes, sometimes an affordable option is just as good as, if not better than, its premium counterpart. So, we're giving you the information you need to make those purchases more responsibly. Read on to see the nine items you should never splurge on, and check out our suggestions for their cheaper alternatives. No one's going broke on our watch.

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