Do You Really Need To Be Using Butt Skin Care?

In today's Instagram-fueled beauty era, it seems that there's not a whole lot we wouldn't try in terms of out-of-the-box products and trends. From outré brow shapes to boob masking (not to mention, masks for down there), virtually none of it is off the table. The latest trend picking up steam? Butt skin care.
While you may or may not have already been using your favorite body scrub or buttery lotion on your tushy, a recent boom in derrière beauty products has us asking the burning question: Do I actually need to be masking my butt?
The answer? "For most people, no — for a few people, yes," Dr. Kenneth Howe, MD, of Wexler Dermatology tells Refinery29. While things like acne and dryness are real concerns, the crux of butt beauty usually has more to do with smoothing skin, addressing tone imperfections (including hyperpigmentation as a result of acne scarring), too. However, for things like dry skin, Howe says that while masking is all well and good, a gentle body moisturizer will also get the job done: "You don't need a butt-specific moisturizer for dry skin in this area," he says, name-checking Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer as one he recommends to patients. (Ready to spare no expense for butt care? Consult your dermatologist to see if an in-office treatment like EmSculpt — which tones and sculpts your booty muscles for a firm, lifted appearance — is a healthy option for you.)
However, if you're willing — or if nothing else, genuinely curious — to dive into the universe of all things butt beauty, here are six masks, scrubs, and one luxe gold-infused booty serum to try on your cheeks.
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