5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 09 2010

This editor went to Columbia, and he is shocked at the recent CU developments—five students were arrested for running a drug ring selling everything from adderall to ecstasy. The kids claimed they need the money for tuition. Hell, it was expensive! (Gothamist)
Ho, ho, ho! Billy Reid has a holiday guide, and dudes will want everything on it, but of course. (Fashionista)
Bryanboy told The Cut last night that he makes more than $100,000 a year and that Anna Wintour is not a "cold, icy person." Turns out that blogging means bank. (The Cut)
What are hipsters to do? Max Fish is closing, meaning the Marlboro Red smoke in the LES will decrease 10% or so. (Animal New York)
Someone at Jones Apparel Group's offices is having a little too much fun with tampons. The feminine hygiene aficionado has been dropping the sanitary savers all over the HQ's hallways. Wide flow? (Gawker)

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