Brows Are Even More Important Than You Think

browtransplant-opener-2 (1)Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
Eyebrows — so hot right now. And, by right now we mean all the time...or at least for as long as history has been recorded. According to a fascinating article in The Atlantic about the history of eyebrows, "American women rely on cosmetic products to achieve the same brow effects as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks." So much for being original.
But, eyebrows are not just there to look good. As the article explains, they serve some major purposes in terms of how we communicate with each other. Plus, according to a study cited in the article, eyebrows might even be more important to facial recognition than eyeballs — they are, shall we say, the drapes around the windows to the soul.
Brows also serve an evolutionary purpose and could even have prevented predators from eating people while they slept. Because of the shape that brows and closed eyes create, "Potential predators, especially larger cats, are tricked into thinking the sleeper is awake and alert, an advantage that could have protected humans in the early days of civilization."
So, for everything you never knew you needed to know about the history of brows, check out the full article — and then prepare to never look at your brow gel the same way again. (The Atlantic)

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