The Best Shake Shack Ever (Their Words!) Now Open, In Brooklyn

They're calling it "the Shake Shack to end all Shake Shacks," but man, we hope it's not the end, as "the shack" pushes it's crave-worthy fare into the heart (and stomach) of downtown Brooklyn. And, although there are locations to snag the fresh (and environmentally friendly!) goodness all over town, Brooklyn's outpost has its own special features, including the "Fudge-eddaboutit," a chocolate custard, Mast Brothers Shake Shack blend including chocolate and cinnamon fudge sauce, and the "Borough Precedent," a vanilla custard with Early Bird granola and seasonal fruit. Oh, and Brooklyn beers on tap. Tummy rumbles aside, the announcement makes us both jealous and relieved that the next location wasn't closer to us — we really couldn't (read: could) use a shack burger, cheese fries, and a Brooklyn-brewed cold one for lunch everyday.

The Brooklyn Shake Shack, 409 Fulton Street, (between Willoughby & Adams streets); 718-307-7590. Open Monday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Photo: Via Shake Shack