Brooklyn Decker Tells Us She’s An “Outdoorsy Bum” (In 60 Seconds)

Fashion Week is always a celebrity-studded affair, and the Dannijo presentation hosted by Brooklyn Decker was no exception. With appearances by The Man Repeller, Monet Mazur, and DJ Questlove, Brooklyn celebrated Dannijo founders, Danielle and Jodi, with a brunch at the Standard and even tried her hand at spinning some tunes.
Following an emotional week at the U.S. Open and the announcement of husband Andy Roddick's retirement, the model/actress caught up with us on her trip to the Arctic, what's rocking her playlist, and told us why we'll likely sooner see her getting in touch with nature than starting an accessories or clothing line of her own.

What does your week look like? Lots of parties?
"I am not doing anything. I'm here for Dannijo. I did an event last night, and that's all for Fashion Week. I'm actually going out of town this weekend, so it's my first time really missing Fashion Week. And I love these girls; they're friends of mine, so to actually be friends with girls whose designs you love is pretty special."

We know you have great style, but how much help do you give Andy with his wardrobe?
"He has sponsors to do that for him! He's a big fan of Lacoste so basically he's decked out in that crocodile at all times."

What's the top song on your iTunes right now? Any special artists?
"I'm listening to a lot of Ben Howard. He's a singer/songwriter I listened to in London this year. He was playing a music festival in London. He's a really cool kid, really mellow music, so I'm listening to a lot of that right now."

You just took a trip to the Arctic! How was that?
"It was wonderful! It was my second time to Alaska but my first time to the Arctic and, contrary to me wearing heels and a dress right now, I'm actually a really outdoorsy bum. I had no cell phone, no Internet for five days, which was a big adjustment, so it was really special."

Can we expect to see a Brooklyn Decker clothing or jewelry line anytime soon?

"I would not say that I'm that talented. I'm not able to design at all. I think it would be really fun, but I wouldn't give myself that much credit yet."

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