This Beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone Is Actually A Secret MTA Vent

What a lovely, red-brick, Brooklyn townhouse, right? Located in Brooklyn Heights off the Court Street stop and around the corner from Brooklyn Bridge Park – it’s the perfect place to raise a flock of Crewcuts-wearing rugrats, right? Wrong.
Friends, this slice of real-estate heaven doesn’t house a furniture maker, jewelry designer, bespectacled novelist, or any other form of Brooklyn life. Nope, it’s a subway ventilator and the only tenant is your very own local MTA. Were you fooled, or did the blacked-out windows give it away?
According to BLDG BLOG, this 1847 brownstone at 58 Joralemon Street is, “the world's only Greek Revival subway ventilator,” whose history is worth a read here and, if you’re nearby, a closer inspection. That MTA – they always keep us guessing. (BLDG BLOG)

Photo: Via Bldg Blog