The Best Bronzers For People Who Hate Bronzer

Bronzers: such a good idea, yet so easy to abuse. While many of us yearn for the kind of glowy, sun-kissed effect a bronzer promises, few have the dexterity to apply it in a way that looks natural. But, after years of fake-tan fails, we're starting to feel like maybe the problem isn't our technique — maybe it's the products we've tried.
Luckily, the newest crop of bronzers is designed for a more subtle look. Highly blendable and mimicking the colors our skin might actually turn in the sun (if we didn't apply sunscreen, that is), these new bronze-y friends work with our natural complexions rather than against them. And, they look good even if your skin doesn't naturally turn tan in the sun.
You're probably wondering, What kind of voodoo magic makes this feat possible? It's a combination of innovative texture, new color options, and pearly finishes than can make even the most winter-ravaged face glow. However, if you're still not sure what to do with these new hues, makeup artist Janessa Paré recommends applying them to the contours of your cheeks, "brushing upward in a swirling motion." That will give you definition without going overboard. And, she says, "For a more framed look, continue to apply it rounding up at your temples to frame the eyes. Then, take what's left on the brush and apply just a touch to the nose." As for what not to do? "Avoid the jawline and the highs of your cheeks," she says.
With those tips in mind, click through for our favorite new bronzers, and let's all make a pact to give this product another try — this time, the right way.

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