How To Fake A Sun-Kissed Face

By now, we are all fully aware that the sun is the devil (beyond the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D it provides), and whatever color its evil rays impart is bad news, bears. So what's a girl who wants to accessorize her bikini with beautifully sun-kissed skin to do? The no-brainer solutions are bronzer and self-tanner.
While getting a fake tan on your body is pretty close to foolproof these days, with new technology that makes streaks easier to disguise, the face is a little trickier — especially when the mistakes are, well, on your face. To assist you in your quest for a sunless tan, we’ve enlisted celeb makeup artist Vanessa Scali to put together a definitive guide to getting a believable glow.
Read on for our guide to glowing — for every skin tone.