5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 08 2010

For one office Britney Spears fanatic (can you guess who), this may be the hottest party....ever. Rumor has it that the pop princess may be singing at Dasha Zukhova's Pop magazine event at Don Hill's on Friday. (Fashion Week Daily)
James Franco loves masturbating—"I tend to have a four or five-time day." (Gothamist)
The world's shortest dude confesses to crushing on tall blondes. He's 22 inches. Do you think there's a dating service for that? (Gawker)

Animal rights protesters
are going gaga over Lady Gaga posing nude on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan covered in raw red meat. It's Fast Food Nation, pop-star style. (Daily Mail)

Katie Holmes wowed in Jason Wu, Alaia shoes, and her own Holmes Yang sweater at last night's premiere of her film The Romantics. But what was up with those tights? (Huffington Post)