Make Your Closet Happy: Rent A Bridesmaid Dress

vert embedPhoto: Courtesy of Vow to be Chic.
When the bride says, “You can get it hemmed and wear it again!” most bridesmaids politely nod and then shell out the $250 (plus tailoring!), knowing full well that the dress is doomed to live alone in the back of their closets immediately after the wedding.
Meanwhile, the groomsmen rent inexpensive tuxes for the day and never have to think about them again. But, if you're looking to save some money, a new company called Vow to be Chic is poised to help. Now, bridesmaids can rent designer bridesmaids dresses online — both runway designers and department store brands — and return them after the fact.
Here's how it works: Pick a dress on the Vow to Be Chic website and enter your measurements, and they’ll send two different sizes for you to try on at home. (The bride can also host everyone at her place and have all the dresses sent directly to her.) A week before the wedding, they’ll send you the size you chose; after the big day, just send it back in the prepaid envelope and you never have to think about it again. They’ll also dry clean and press the dress so you don't have to worry about that either.
Designer Nicole Miller is the newest addition to the Vow to be Chic collection. Some of our other favorite bridal designers, including Alvina Valenta and Jim Hjelm, can be found in their online shop too, giving brides and maids plenty of options. Many of the dresses retail for more than $400, but rent for as little as $95.
Now ,you can enjoy your best gal's wedding with the same financial freedom that tux-renting groomsmen have been enjoying for years.